Athletes Playing With Passion

By Rachel Mayes ’14

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 6.55.20 PM

Considering that “passion” was the theme of The Bamboo’s recent print edition, what could be a better time to honor our Immaculate Heart athletes? The topic is very fitting, considering the Olympic spirit that has swept over the world this year. It is quite obvious how the competing Olympians showed their passion, but what about student athletes whose efforts are not being televised all over the world? They may not enjoy the recognition of their more famous counterparts, but surely they gain a sense of fulfillment from hearing their names in the morning announcements.  Devoting so many hours to sports while studying at school, student athletes show passion that is comparable to that of gold medalists. Although the rigors of AP classes and extra-curriculars may not match that of the typical Olympic training regimen, the athletes at Immaculate Heart know the struggle of making time to pursue their passion. Whether a student’s dream is to play a sport professionally or leisurely, her passion is shown through her commitment to the sport and the general sense of camaraderie that pervades all sports at Immaculate Heart.

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