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A New Season with Comedy Sportz

By Allise Matsuno ’15

Cocktails And Comedy Benefit for the Fit Community

After two years of dormancy, Comedy Sportz has come back to life. Immaculate Heart High School challenged Loyola High School February 7th. Instead of shooting or spiking a ball into or over a net these “athletes” use their quick wit and wicked sense of humor to score points. The two teams, consisting of four people each, are asked to think fast and create scenes that are humorous. Though some jokes for both teams fell flat, the evening was nothing short of hilarious. No matter the situation whether they were asked to create movie trailers or puns, both teams were genuinely funny. Immaculate Heart had a well deserved win that is hopefully a prediction of how the rest of the season will go. The team does not know when their next match will be but without a doubt, they will give a performance that will not disappoint.

1 comment on “A New Season with Comedy Sportz

  1. Elizabeth Menon

    SWEEET thank you

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