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Inspirational Photographer

By Blair Peppe ’17

I had the chance to interview Michael Habor, a fashion photographer who has worked for such companies as Target, Tilly’s, and Pacsun. He also takes landscape photos that have been exhibited in photography museums. In the early stages of his career, he started out with no connections. His first job on a set was running errands for the crew doing things like getting coffee, buying everyone’s lunch orders, carrying heavy objects around the set. On set, he became close friends with the photographer, who gave him his first job as an assistant photographer. This later led to his first job as the primary photographer. One job led to the next and Michael was eventually hired by Tilly’s. He takes pictures for the catalogues and lookbooks. Michael goes beyond and takes inspiring photographs that capture every spectrum of pure happiness, making it hard to resist the urge to buy all the merchandise. Michael told me he gets his inspiration from travel. “Visiting exotic places with diverse cultures is an amazing experience,” he comments, “capturing the moment is even better.” So far, Michael has taken captivating photographs in the American South, Italy, France, and Africa. The camera he takes is a traditional disposable camera. “Sometimes, it’s better to use something more simple,” he says, “I feel like the huge cameras can slow me down.” He told me that he was able to capture an elephant stampede in Africa with a simple Nikon camera. Michael Habor is inspired daily by the nature of his work and shows his inspiration through his unique photography.

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  1. i love u blair please write more

  2. omg u r such a good writer!! please post more!

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